Irresistible Who? Irresistible Me Hair Extensions

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Hi I'm Jan and I am no longer a hair extensions virgin! *cheers*

A few weeks ago, I received a box of's 20-inch Royal Remy Hair. I did my research here and there on how to use them while before I finally decided to put them on and voila! Here they are. I don't really have before and after photos because well...hit the "Older Post" link at the bottom of this post to see how short my hair is right now. ;)

I found that the Royal Remy Hair is very soft. Strangely, it felt softer than my ultra fine hair but in a good way. It felt like real hair for sure and the Natural Black color that I picked was perfect for my virgin hair. That's right, I have never got anything done to my hair except for my every other year haircuts. I really have nothing to compare these extensions to but I think they're very well made. I do however wish to wear my extensions more so I can really get the hang of wearing them. Right now, my comfort level is not at 100% but I'm sure if I wear it more, it will eventually feel as normal as putting my hair up in a bun!

Applying the clip-in extensions was pretty easy. Curling it on the other hand was a pain for someone who's not really a pro at styling hair. I bet you though that if we had the right hair products, I would have done a lot better! I am already excited to do it again and style my hair better!

Of course I had to drag the dogs in the photo shoot fun!

Extensions: Irresistible Me


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