Project HOPE

I've always wanted to blog about a non-profit organization and one of my co-workers has been working with one so I thought I'd write about it. Project HOPE, works to make health care available for people around the globe. If you guys follow me on Twitter, you've probably seen me tweet about them :)

Here's their most recent installment of their series of short films documenting their work. The film tells the story of HOPE volunteer and physical therapist Claude Hillel. Having seen the devastation that immediately followed the 2010 earthquake in Haiti and lost several of his relatives in the disaster, Claude left New York and traveled to the battered country where he would change countless lives for the better amidst unimaginable destruction.

Take a moment to watch, and spread HOPE by sharing the video to Facebook, Twitter or by email.

You can find Project HOPE here:


  1. It looks like a great project :)
    btw nice blog, can we follow each :)

  2. Will definitely pass it along-- great cause!

  3. thanks for sharing this. i'm looking for other organizations to try/join with for medical missionary. will definitely check this one out! mm mission on a boat. haha.

  4. awww wow... what a great organization. it's great that you're sharing this.

  5. the organization sounds amazing :)
    they do great work and I think everyone should support this!
    in btw I think your blog is great and I started to follow you, dear :)) keep it up!
    and maybe you'll have a look on my blog as well, if you like :)


  6. thats awesome, this is my kind of organization!