Get Healthy

I'm loving a new Tumblr, Fit Facts and I wanted to share with you guys my favorite motivational pictures. If you're trying to be more fit, I would totally recommend that you visit the Tumblr regularly. They always have new things to post and if you run out of things to read on their blog, you can always click on one of the people they follow that you can find at the bottom of their page :)

Here are my favorites:
I think of this every time I do push ups. Man, I suck at those.
Simple, right?
I LOVE Blueberries! Especially in my cereal!
I really needed this guide.
That's what I always say.
I was so happy to find out someone thought of making this.

 So who's with me in being healthier? Any sites or tips about getting fit and healthy you'd like to share?


  1. Amazing timing! I have been on the lookout for motivation =)

    My Own Project

  2. Great advice! I need to eat more berries--I do love them, but I need to actually BUY them!!

  3. Wow, Jan, this is an awesome post!! Learned alot from it and thanks so much for sharing <3


  4. love that the first picture is my favorite quote from the song Fix You by Coldplay (nerd over here hehe)...

    and YES. Blueberriessssssss. Matter of fact, I just posted a gluten free blueberry muffin recipe. woot.

    I must check out this tumblr then haha