How To Become That Perfect Couple

This post is dedicated to our friends, Ken and Chona who are getting married in less than a month. We are extremely excited for you guys. Ron and I promise to be here for the both of you as you enter the married life. Have fun introducing each other as your husband/wife! 

As much as I would like Ron and I to be perfect, I know it will never happen. We quarrel [yes, I just chose the most juvenile term I can think of that is synonymous to fight], argue, can't agree on one thing, get pissed because none of us wants to decide where to eat but it's also important to aspire to become a perfect couple – I don't think it would hurt unless you're overdoing it.

1. Listen. We all say and hear this all the time but do we actually do it? When he says "I have not had anything to eat since lunch," at 8pm it means he's hungry.

2. Talk. Don't just nod your head, especially if he's busy fixing something you destroyed. Thoughts need to be heard when someone is not looking. Asking someone twice and responding twice when at least one of you is tired is pretty annoying sometimes. Also, I don't believe that partners are supposed to figure out what's in the other's head. We are not magical creatures, we are not mutants.

3. Think. We all say stupid stuff but if you're mad, you really need to remember to think before you call someone a moron or an idiot. Name calling can be fun at times for inside jokes but it can be one of the worst things you do when you're mad. 

4. Get Crazy. Not bad crazy, good crazy. Walk around the house in your underwear but make sure only you guys are in the house! Silly dance during dinner or while grocery shopping. Make fun of each other or each others' favorite athlete. Practice posing for pictures with each other. You guys will be pretty much be next to each other in every picture so make sure you practice looking good in photos together.

5. Keep Exploring. Try new things together. I personally always assume that Ron won't like something that I really like because it's not his thing but I keep looking for new things that we can do together. Some of the things we love are kayaking, hiking and snowboarding. We also love to try new restaurants. Since we're still relatively new to our city, there are still a lot of places to check out, so we try not to get in a rut of going to the same place…you know like Din Tai Fung. That place is just so good.

6. Support. I hate to be called a stage wife but I always try to make it a point to watch Ron's basketball games. Watching basketball is something I have been doing since I was little so this should be no surprise to anyone. Oh and I only used to date guys who play basketball.

7. PDA. Hold hands, give a random peck on the cheek, put your arm around each other. These are little things that count.

8. Get Intimate. It's that one thing that is exclusive to you guys. So take advantage of it. If you're waiting, well then, make sure one of you is dressed when you're getting intimate because when everything's out there, it might get hard (LOL) to resist not doing it.  #GetARoom

9. Don't Forget. Dates are important. Even if you don't celebrate your monthsarry, you can still call it out. I think it's thoughtful and it gives you a reason to celebrate sometimes.

10. Surprise. This element is such a fun thing to throw in the mix. I try to surprise Ron at least once a week. Whether it's his favorite thing to eat, his favorite dessert or simply opening the door and handing him the package he ordered and pretend it's something from me.

11. Just Have Fun. You are with your other half. One can't be the miserable one and the other the happy one. That's not how it works. Be prepared to be the each other's own cheerer because you will need each other on those bad days. If both of you are having a bad day, well, go to your favorite restaurant or eat your favorite dessert together.

12. Keep Things Private. When you guys are fighting, just don't go out of the house together and bicker the whole day in public. We all know that sets an awkward environment for everyone (especially your friend in the back seat #insidejoke).

13. Push Buttons. But know which ones you have to push. Do you want to piss her off because of a surprise party? If it's a part of the plan, go ahead. Are you just pissing her off because you can't directly tell her what you need/want/pissed about? Well then, refer to #2.

14. Stay In Love. This is another one of those easier said than done things. I strongly recommend that when you start doubting your feelings for your partner, think of why you married him and all the things he's done for you that made you feel like the luckiest girl on earth. If those thoughts do not make you happy, well, I think you are in deep shit and you need to talk to a friend who will remind you of how much you love this person.


  1. Lovely post, dear! If you get a second, I'd love to hear your thoughts about my latest outfit :)

    -Mademoiselle S.

  2. Beautiful post, Jan. Love your thoughts, and am greatly inspired by the theme of your blog!
    Keep smiling like in your snaps!

  3. Awesome list of things to remember Jan! One thing that we've done a lot of is keeping things private - there's something kind of cool about having secrets that nobody else but us knows!

  4. "Oh and I only used to date guys who play basketball." - SAME HERE!!!