Silver Lining

We saw these shoes at Camarillo which is over an hour away from our house but I didn't get
it. I have not stopped thinking about it though so when he found them, he bought them.

It makes me feel so blessed that I came home to my husband (it's rare that he gets home before I do), a pair of new kicks from him and the smell of smoke from the grill. My now ex-boss has officially moved on from our company yesterday and honestly, there was a lump in my throat the second I heard her start packing her stuff. I'm really thankful though that the ladies that are taking over her role are lovely. Oh and summer hours (aka workday ends at noon on Fridays) start this Friday.  #SilverLining

My other coworker wanted to have a moment with the ex-boss' dog before they left. She ended up with a semi
broken heart and a hairy leg.

On another note, one of my best-est friends is celebrating her birthday today (Manila Time). Hey Kit, thanks for everything. I swear, most of the best conversations I've had are with you. Our friendship truly grew through those late nights and early morning conversations. Thanks for rationalizing things I'm going through with me and always being the devil's advocate. Your existence is much appreciated by me. Haha! I love you!


  1. What a lovely gift! That's a bummer that your boss is moving on, but at least you're getting some good replacements in...

  2. Heeey my family lived in Camarillo until I was like 3 :)