Four Days of Nothing

Stopping by for a quick update!

-Bought the two frames a few weeks ago and it always makes me smile (more, after being greeted by Fox) when I get home. #love

-I've been re-watching Glee's first season on Netflix and I still cannot believe Cory Monteith has indeed passed away. #indenial

-Today, I almost forgot my phone and almost got into a car accident within on hour. My body was in fight or flight mode until 10am. Two hours of being in a state of shock. #drivinginLA

-I am praying so, so hard for some good news. I've been waiting for signs. HUGE signs. Send positive thought, please?#desperate

-I ran on Sunday morning and got tendonitis. #seriously?

-Making my dislike of something official is "my thing" this week. I officially don't like [insert something shitty here].

Can you tell I'm grumpy?


  1. I still can't believe Cory died. So sad for Glee.

  2. #drivinginLA sucks balls. i hate it with a passion. and yes i'm still in #denial for cory. NO NO NO NO NO.

  3. omg, i'm glad you're okay! and don't worry, we'll all be praying for your good news! :)

    <3, Mimi