Quick (Super Bowl) Rant

I was rooting for the Seahawks yesterday (because of my father's influence) but I was honestly afraid of Manning. But what the hell happened to their team? The Seahwaks were really strong yesterday but the Broncos seem to have had an off day. Like, seriously. I expected more from them.

[Enter the status updates I saw on Facebook.]

During the NFC finals, someone who is my friend on Facebook vomited a rant (like what I'm doing right now) about how Richard Sherman is a big a-hole for talking trash during his post-game interview. After the Superbowl, where Sherman suffered a broken ankle towards the end of the game, she was happy to see that he was on crutches and thought it was the "Best.Karma.Ever." and that "Sherman getting injured was the best part of the Superbowl!" Both statements were followed by "HAHAHA." I admit, I am mean in my own way but when it comes to athletes being injured, it really bothers me.

Then I unfollowed her. Maybe I'll cut ties the next time I see her comment on some shit. Here are my reasons:
1-It seems to me that she was never an athlete therefore she cannot understand how sports make people emotional. As a former athlete, I sure know that talking trash before, during and after the game is pretty normal for each sporting event. Some just talk a little calmer or more discreet than others. LOL

2-I hate it when people wish something bad upon others or rejoice when they see someone they don't like get hurt. I myself have done it when I was younger and didn't know anything better. Nonetheless, I regret doing that. I have been hurt while playing volleyball and had to miss a week of school. Ron has suffered numerous ankle sprains and it is not funny seeing him walk slow or hop around with his one good foot around. My point here is I am righteous in some ways and this is one of them. It is not fun to break any part of your body.

3-When athletes get hurt, there is a possibility of losing their careers, losing what they've worked for all their lives. It is not funny when people get hurt especially when it involves their dreams. imagine having amnesia and forgetting everything you learned from your job experiences or everything you learned in school.

Oh well...


  1. Definitely agree with you girl. And also, it bothers me that people really didn't do their research when it comes to Sherman. Yes, he shouldn't have said the things that he did after the game against the 49ners, but he quickly apologized. You caught him after a heated game, and he's definitely proven himself. All I can say is GO SEAHAWKS!!!!
    xo TJ


  2. I agree with you, it is weird to wish harm on someone and be happy for their bad luck. Everyone is human, whether we agree with them or not, why celebrate their pain?

  3. It's bad karma on her part to wish ill will towards others. I've gotten to the point where I even dislike seeing people make fun of celebs or random videos in which someone gets hurt or embarrassed. While they might make you laugh, I feel like making a joke sometimes has a negative vibe to it. I try to be mindful about what I share now.

  4. I agree with you. I think it's bad karma to wish ill on others!! I used to be kind of mindless about what I said about others but now I try to think about how I'd feel if I was hurt or embarrassed and someone else was laughing over it.