Topshop PH Reactive Lip Tint in Crystal Review

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Sorry for my post yesterday, I don't usually implode on stuff I see on Facebook but what I saw yesterday just really made me raise my (left) eyebrow. I'll just take a break from ranting today and talk about this ph reactive lip tint.

Oi, look at me reviewing all these beauty products. Haha! Unemployment has certainly given me enough time to do shit our of the ordinary. I am really intrigued of this PH reactive lip tint products that I had to try it. I am also into trying new shades of lip products so I was all in in trying this. A couple of weeks ago, I ordered Topshop's reactive lip tint (with a pair of mittens to bring to Seattle with me).
The packaging came in Topshop's usual little box for lip products. I really love their makeup's packaging even though it does not match or is not even close to similar to their whole brand's "face." It's very crafty looking, the lines are not clean like how their site and everything else about their brand is designed.
This is how the stick looks like. I am nervous about how this will look on my lips. I am tan, like really tan. I grew up in the Philippines and I now live in California so trust me when I say this color is all natural. Alright, let's give this a try...

  • Cute packaging - let's just get the superficial factor out of the way!
  • Unscented - this is for you people who are very sensitive to the scent of products you put on your face
  • It's very easy to apply
  • The glitters don't last long. Thank God!

  • A little bit pricey at $18
  • It doesn't last as long as I want it to
  • Not enough pigment - I'd stick to my Revlon Balm Tints

Will I buy it again? Given that I thought of more pros than cons, I still wouldn't buy it again.I think this is a so-so product. It's definitely one of those things that I got out of curiosity. LOL


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