Phil's BBQ (II)

If you follow me on Instagram and/or Twitter, you might have seen that we went to San Diego this past weekend. Ever since we've tried Phil's BBQ back in summer, we made a promise to ourselves that it will be our first stop every time we visit. Phil's BBQ has a taste I truly crave and I don't think anything else can satisfy my craving for it. We didn't get our hungry eyes take over our order decisions this time so we got a Beefy Rib and Chicken combo and a Beefy Rib Tickler. As expected, the meat was almost off the bone and chewing became an option. Haha!

(Click to Enlarge)
Beef Tickler: coleslaw, 2 colossal onion rings, french fries and one beef rib.
Beefy Rib and Chicken Combo: a choice of two small sides or one large side, two beefy ribs and  chicken.

We spent less than $30 for all of this and that includes a drink. I would have ordered a side of onion rings but I am pretty sure we won't finish the entire order.


  1. the food looks awesome. Also great price. Its hard now of day to get a dinner out for 2 people for 30 dollars

  2. Every time I see anything bbq related I think of my little brother. He goes crazy for that stuff. I wish he could visit this restaurant.