Hellos and Goodbyes

This blog has been quiet for good reasons. At this moment, I have nothing to complain about. I just got back from Houston to meet two friends that I met when I was only six years old.
We had a lovely weekend trying new places and eating to our heart's content. This past weekend was filled with laughter and great memories and I already can't wait to see them again.
Of course, separation anxiety comes with spending 48 hours straight with people you do not usually see and hangout with and I definitely had a short but terrible episode once I got out of the plane and the thought of not knowing how soon I'll see them again sunk in. There were no tears but my heart surely had a little crack in it.

Thanks to my husband picking me up, recovering was made easier for me. I missed Ron and the two monsters so bad last weekend. Thankfully, I had them to come home to and leaving did not seem so bad anymore.

More on the trip later on. A great Monday to all.


  1. By any chance, is one of the girls (first photo) a Thomasian Engineer, too? She looks familiar.

    1. HI, Jae! Yes, I am! BS-ECE batch 2009.
      And you?

    2. Hi, Jove! Yes, I'm from Batch 2009, too (though originally entered college in 2003). BS IE here!

  2. hanging out with old friends is always nice.