The Honeymoon Cafe [Houston, TX]

I have found my new favorite breakfast place there’s one catch though—it’s in Houston! On our way to getting lost further in downtown Houston in search of a place to brunch, we found this French café and decided to try it. The named sounded familiar then I remembered bookmarking it on Yelp under my to-try list in Houston. The place did not disappoint. Everything was delicious and the quaint ambiance made the place perfect for my last meal with J and C in Houston...for now.
I see C!
Breakfast BLT with a sunny side up egg that I ate with a knife and a fork.
French Toast. J ordered this one and it tasted like one of my most favorite Filipino desserts, saba con yelo. It was spectacular.
Smoked Salmon with Poached Egg. This was equally as yummy as it looks. 
C's cup of joe. 


  1. Soooo I LIVE in Houston and have never even heard of this place! So glad I stumbled across this post because I'm making my husband take me there ASAP, looks so delish! :]

  2. The next time I am in Houston I will look this place up. All of that looks delicious.

  3. Wow, delicious!! Your blog is amazing. Kisses from Buenos Aires, Argentina.