A Hundred Bucks in My Pocket

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Ron and I got a membership from the Dollar Shave Club recently and we LOVE it. We are not exactly that hairy but after calculating the savings, we knew we had to let go of our current shaving situation and just get a subscription. We now only pay $6 for four cartridges and paid an extra $4 for my handle so we each have our own. If you're wondering how our lives were when we only had one handle, well, I switched the cartridges back and forth every time I used it. LOL

Back to Dollar Shave Club--their subscription start at just $3 a month, which means if you and your partner (for lack of better gender sensitive term) subscribe, you guys can easily save over $100 a year just on shaving supplies like Ron and I are doing right now. And guess where that money is going…I have a few ideas...

  • A WHOLE LOT OF FOOD…AND BOBA (bubble tea) DRINKS. I swear, I just found FOUR receipts in my purse from our favorite boba place for the same drink that I get with different dates. LOL
  • 10 large buckets of golf balls at the driving range? Maybe?
  • Two HUGE bags of dog food and a few dog toys. The dogs will REJOICE. LOL
  • A new outfit. Because why not? ;)


How would you spend an extra $100?

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