Last-Minute Summer Escape Packing List

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Ron and I love last-minute travel plans. Luckily, we live in LA where there is always some place to travel to. We have Big Bear if we want colder weather, the pacific coast beaches if we want to have some good sandy fun, we have San Diego if we want to have a change of scenery and of course, I can't forget that we also have Las Vegas if want to get loose (LOL). Last-minute travel plans also involve last-minute packing which Ron and I have become pros at. Aside from toiletries and undergarments, here's a good list that I always make sure to have no matter where we are going.

1 Graphic Tees. 2 Denim shorts. 3 Converse sneakers. 4 Havaianas Flipflops.
5 Bikini. 6 Passport Cases. 7 Backpack. 8 Sunglasses. 9 Monokini

1. Lots of graphic tees and tanks because they're the easiest to wear and don't even get me started on how comfy they are!
2. Shorts. I prefer denim shorts because they're very durable and I don't mind them getting stained because they were created for that look...right?
3. Converse sneakers. I always bring a pair when I travel walking long distances in open shoes makes feet sooo unbelievably dirty.
4. Flip flops. Because summer.
5. Your favorite bikini. I love this style I found on CNDirect because it's not that sexy.
6. ID's and passport...a cute passport case is optional but a bonus! :D
7. Roomy backpack. I use backpacks in place of a purse when we travel so both my hands are free and my shoulders are sharing the weight of whatever I have in tow.
8. Don't you dare forget your sunglasses!
9. Well, a back up monokini...just in case you ate too much at that restaurant you had lunch at! ;)
BONUS: If you love organizing, I found this 6-piece luggage organizer set for only $4.32!

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