Olive and Cream

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Dress: Forever21 (similar). Sandals: Forever21 (similar). Bag: Express (similar). Hat: Dynamic Asia/Boardwalk Style
Ron and I had a pretty busy weekend. On Saturday, while he was busy helping my cousin and best friend move to their new house, I battled my I-miss-Chicago feelings by watching My Best Friends Wedding while simultaneously doing laundry. After that, I went on with my day and scored pretty good deals at Albertson's. We ended the busy day perfectly with a steak dinner.

Sunday was a different story. We spent it with family because it's my cousin's last week in LA before she's off to college. It was pretty bittersweet but I am truly excited for her to have her own college experience. We'll really miss her because she's the youngest one among us and do you know what happens when you're the youngest in our family? You get picked on. She's a good sport though so it's all good. :D

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